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Shower Doors and Bath Enclosures
As residential bathrooms become more customized and upscale, the shower door and bath enclosure market is growing quickly—and FASTGLASS is a leader in this category. Not only does FASTGLASS sell its high-quality glass products to independents—but FASTGLASS is also a direct source for superior shower and bath solutions.

All FASTGLASS products for the bath enclosure marketplace meet the most demanding standards for strength, safety, and beauty—with dozens of glass options to choose from. Whether the design aesthetic calls for clear, low-iron, tinted, or patterned glass solutions, FASTGLASS offers a beautiful, practical product that is the perfect choice. Customers can choose from a variety of distinctive glass patterns and colors, as well as a range of product thicknesses—including heavy glass—that can satisfy the needs of virtually every architect, builder, or homeowner.