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& Euro Glide Frameless enclosures




VIDEO VICE-MAIL CHANGE ORDER REQUEST                                                  
Hello Dutch, My name is James Jones. Thank you for your order of the tub shower enclosure for your rental today. From a quick conversation with my office girl you agreed the track home quality W.B.S. shower enclosure. I did go to measure and liked the new fake grass because it looked real to me. But the real reason I'm contacting you is because I think the SITUATION  of your rental deserves the best Quality even if your not using it and it's a rental. Here are a few differences and reasons why I think you would agree. First the durability of the rollers is the big one for me. The attached video shows-off  top roller. Having installed hundreds of tub sliders both Alumax  & W.B.S. (Wardrobe & Bath Specialty)  its very clear that the actual roller Assembly on the Alumax unit use's real high quality ball bearings, the reason I mention this is because of amount of people's bed's I encountered in the room facing the water and on top of that the Jack and Jill layout of the house  means that area needs a shower enclosure that can keep up  with the usage. We are Talking about four sets of bunk beds Dutch!  The existing enclosure was dripping wet when I got there all the factors prompted me to call & ask you to please upgrade. Secondly the towel bar. Upgraded custom home quality units have the solid brass towel bar's bolted to the glass rather than a sleeve over slip on towel bar.